Salt Water Disposal and Frac Water Services

Lea and Eddy County Water Gathering and Distribution Services

The Salt Water Intelligent Management System (SWIMS) is based in Lea and Eddy County New Mexico and consists of over 200 miles of approved ROW. Currently, our Cyclone Federal SWD #1 well is the heart of our network with plans of rapid capacity expansion. Learn more about our system below.


The Salt Water Intelligent Management System (SWIMS) moves produced water hydraulically through a network of high volume, high pressure rated pipelines that loop and cross connecting numerous high capacity salt water disposal wells.

Managed by a state-of-the-art network of controls systems and monitored 24/7, we can offer a level of redundancy that has never before been available in the midstream water industry. Because of this new intelligent design, SWIMS can also deliver produced water at full frac rate to any point in the system. Not only does this drastically reduce operational expenditures, but it also provides an environmentally responsible solution to gather frac water in a faster, safer, and more efficient process than ever before.

System Design

SWIMS is a field proven design, with the operator’s future needs in mind. Our system is designed, programmed, and maintained by our own in-house personnel. We can integrate with any system to provide permissives, real-time notifications, and pipeline statuses. This gives the operator the power to stay productive, efficient, and prevent the disastrous consequences of being uninformed. We won’t be the only ones in the know, you will too!

Our pipeline is a redundant network of 20” SDR7 poly pipe. Intelligent bidirectional flow is achieved by our 1000hp bidirectional booster stations.

Our SWDs feature all steel tanks, advanced flow controls, high capacity, and 4500hp of VFD in an indoor climate-controlled environment.


  • Highly redundant bidirectional flow
  • Fully automated and monitored 24/7
  • Real time notifications
  • Advanced safety controls
  • Environmentally friendly and responsibly built
  • Integrates with any system
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • High capacity SDR7 pipeline (330psi)
  • High capacity disposal wells


  • Minimize production loss, no more well shut ins due to capacity restraints, disposal well issues, or pipeline issues
  • Increased flow assurance, highly reliable and robust design
  • Flexibility in well planning, no more waiting on source water
  • Reduce operational expenditures and HSE exposure by eliminating future frac ponds
  • Elimination of unnecessary service calls to location with real time pipeline notifications

Stop losing efficiency and gain performance by using the Salt Water Intelligent Management System today.

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